Aurélie Galopier

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Ribosome stalling on eukaryotic mRNAs triggers cotranslational RNA and protein degradation through conserved mechanisms. For example, mRNAs lacking a stop codon are degraded by the exosome in association with its cofactor, the SKI complex, whereas the corresponding aberrant nascent polypeptides are ubiquitinated by the E3 ligases Ltn1 and Not4 and become(More)
Prion proteins are found in mammals and yeast, and can transmit diseases and encode heritable phenotypic traits. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, eRF3, Rnq1, Ure2 and Swil are functional proteins with a soluble conformation that can switch to a non-functional, amyloid conformation denoted as [PSI+], [PIN+], [URE3] and [SWI+], respectively. The prion [PSI+](More)
In eukaryotes, the nuclear ribosomal DNA (rDNA) is the source of the structural 18S, 5.8S and 25S rRNAs. In hemiascomycetous yeasts, the 25S rDNA sequence was described to lodge an antisense open reading frame (ORF) named TAR1 for Transcript Antisense to Ribosomal RNA. Here, we present the first immuno-detection and sub-cellular localization of the(More)
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