Aurélie Fender

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The formation of heterochromatin at the centromeres in fission yeast depends on transcription of the outer repeats. These transcripts are processed into siRNAs that target homologous loci for heterochromatin formation. Here, high throughput sequencing of small RNA provides a comprehensive analysis of centromere-derived small RNAs. We found that the(More)
Hfq, a protein required for small RNA (sRNA)-mediated regulation in bacteria, binds RNA with low-nanomolar K(d) values and long half-lives of complexes (>100 min). This cannot be reconciled with the 1- 2-min response time of regulation in vivo. We show that RNAs displace each other on Hfq on a short time scale by RNA concentration-driven (active) cycling.(More)
p2: The last sentence is hard to read, and should be rewritten for clarity. Perhaps replace "suggest" by "propose". Overall, the manuscript could do with an overhaul in terms of writing, to improve clarity. I got lost in some of the long sentences. Material and methods, p7, bottom para: Mention that the strain used for Ago coIP carries a tagged Ago protein.(More)
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