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We have sequenced the genome of the emerging human pathogen Babesia microti and compared it with that of other protozoa. B. microti has the smallest nuclear genome among all Apicomplexan parasites sequenced to date with three chromosomes encoding ∼3500 polypeptides, several of which are species specific. Genome-wide phylogenetic analyses indicate that B.(More)
Despite the development of new high-throughput sequencing techniques, microarrays are still attractive tools to study small genome organisms, thanks to sample multiplexing and high-feature densities. However, the oligonucleotide design remains a delicate step for most users. A vast array of software is available to deal with this problem, but each program(More)
The acoustic properties of a periodic rigid frame porous layer with multiple irregularities in the rigid backing and embedded rigid circular inclusions are investigated theoretically and numerically. The theoretical representation of the sound field in the structure is obtained using a combination of multipole method that accounts for the periodic(More)
The acoustic properties of a porous sheet of medium static air flow resistivity (around 10,000 N m s(-4)), in which a periodic set of circular inclusions is embedded and which is backed by a rigid plate, are investigated. The inclusions and porous skeleton are assumed motionless. Such a structure behaves like a multi-component diffraction grating. Numerical(More)
The propagation and localization of transversal-rotational waves in a two-dimensional granular chain of equal masses are analyzed in this study. The masses are infinitely long cylinders possessing one translational and one rotational degree of freedom. Two dispersive propagating modes are predicted in this granular crystal. By considering the semi-infinite(More)
The existence of surface elastic waves at a mechanically free surface of granular phononic crystals is studied. The granular phononic crystals are made of spherical particles distributed periodically on a simple cubic lattice. It is assumed that the particles are interacting by means of normal, shear, and bending contact rigidities. First, Rayleigh-type(More)
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