Aurélie Courtois

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The residence times in the nose of the liquid and gel forms of the same therapeutic preparation were compared in 7 healthy subjects. A 50 microliters drop of the preparation, labelled with Tc99m, was placed down the head of the inferior turbinate, and the kinetics of its clearance from the site of deposition was monotired using a gamma camera, during 60(More)
FDG-PET (18-fluoro-desoxyglucose positron emission tomography) is a fonctionnal imaging method based on the high rate of glycolysis in different types of cancer-cells. We report the first five cases where FDG-PET was used in France for head and neck cancers. The results were analyzed on the basis of data reported to date in the literature, leading to a(More)
Background: The skin includes 3 major layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. With aging, the human skin becomes thinner and flattens with dermal papillae being less pronounced. The epidermis becomes fine-drawn and the dermal network deteriorates with decades. The three-dimensional structure of elastic network and the hyaluronic acid distribution are so(More)
In the past ten years four sportsmen with a traumatic perilymphatic fistula were treated. Three of these four patients were surgically treated: two of them underwent a labyrinthectomy and with one of them, the oval window was grafted. After the analysis of these cases, we have made a study of the literature. Careful attention to the patient history and(More)
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