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Pituitary adenomas are currently classified by histological, immunocytochemical and numerous ultrastructural characteristics lacking unequivocal prognostic correlations. We investigated the prognostic value of a new clinicopathological classification with grades based on invasion and proliferation. This retrospective multicentric case-control study(More)
Although benign, pituitary adenomas frequently invade adjacent sinuses or recur after first surgery. To date, there is no histological marker predictive of recurrence. Angiogenic factors are candidate markers. Endocan is a proteoglycan secreted by endothelial cells, associated with an aggressive behavior in several tumor types. Endocan expression was(More)
OBJECT Craniopharyngiomas originate from the same cells as squamous cell skin carcinoma, which can be treated successfully with interferon-alpha (IFNalpha)-2a. The authors evaluated the activity and toxicity of systemic IFN in young patients with craniopharyngiomas. METHODS Fifteen patients between the ages of 4.2 and 19.8 years who had progressive or(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis induced by viral diseases is a well recognized entity. Severe forms of H5N1 influenza are known to be associated with symptoms very similar to a reactive hemophagocytic syndrome. We report a case of fulminant lymphohistiocytosis associated with the pandemic A (H1N1) variant. CASE PRESENTATION A 42-year-old(More)
We show that, in addition to the known monohydrate, LiOH forms a dihydrate at elevated pressure. The dihydrate involves a large number of H-bonds establishing chains along the <001> direction. In addition, the energy surface exhibits a saddle point for proton locations along certain O interatomic distances, a feature characteristic for superprotonic(More)
We report a traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the internal carotid artery bifurcation and subclavian artery with recurrent strokes events in a 19-year-old man. He was admitted with an acute left hemiparesis. His history revealed a similar episode 1 year and a major car accident 3 years previously. Contrast enhanced MR angiography confirmed colour Doppler(More)
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