Aurélie Chabrol

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The purpose of this study was to introduce synchrotron radiation X-ray phase computed tomography (SR-PCT) as a new method of visualizing ultrasmall superparamagnetic particles of iron oxide (USPIO) distribution into the brains of mice with neuroinflammation. The sensitivity of the technique was assessed by performing back-to-back SR-PCT and magnetic(More)
Malaria and HIV are two major public health issues, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. HIV infection increases the incidence of clinical malaria, inversely correlated with the degree of immunodepression. The effect of malaria on HIV infection is not as well established. Malaria, when fever and parasitemia are high, may be associated with transient increases(More)
INTRODUCTION Histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis (Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease) is a rare clinical entity characterized by the association of enlarged lymph nodes in the posterior cervical region and fever. The disease is more frequent in young women. CASE REPORT We report a 41-year-old African patient who presented with atypical features of Kikuchi's(More)
The authors report 75 cases (including 4 children) treated between 1983 and 1988 by normovolemic hemodilution, corticoids and vasodilators for deafness of various origins. This treatment has an action in deafness of brutal occurrence and all the more so when applied early. The youngest subjects, with viral disorders and the oldest with vascular disorders(More)
The authors report on a case of Wegener's syndrome diagnosed fortuitously by the discovery of a perforation of the nasal septum during a bronchial fibroscopy for monitoring of a pulmonary fibrosis. In addition to the late appearance of the nasal perforation, the clinical picture includes classic polyvisceral impairment with pulmonary fibrosis,(More)
The authors report a rare observation of ankyloglossum superius i.e. the attachment of the tip of the tongue to the anterior part of the palate, with an ectrodactyl of the fingers and toes. Following a review of the literature, this provide an opportunity to recall this pathology, the physiopathogenesis of which remains unknown falling within syndromes of(More)