Aurélie Cartelat

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Dualex (dual excitation) is a field-portable instrument, hereby described, for the assessment of polyphenolic compounds in leaves from the measurement of UV absorbance of the leaf epidermis by double excitation of chlorophyll fluorescence. The instrument takes advantage of a feedback loop that equalizes the fluorescence level induced by a reference red(More)
Under UV-excitation, leaves emit red (RF) and far-red (FRF) fluorescence from chlorophyll and blue-green fluorescence (BGF) from hydroxycinnamic acids. In this study, the aim was to develop a fluorescence signature of wheat leaf ageing after the emergence of the lamina. FRF and BGF were examined in the first three leaves of 2-week-old wheat plants. It was(More)
Anthocyanins (Anths) in olive (Olea europaea L.) fruits at different degrees of pigmentation were assessed nondestructively by measuring chlorophyll fluorescence (ChlF). The method is based on the comparison of the ChlF excitation spectra from olives with different pigmentation from green to green-red, reddish-purple, and purple. The logarithm of the ratio(More)
Synchrotron radiation and the time-correlated single-photon counting technique were used to investigate the spectral and time-resolved characteristics of blue-green fluorescence (BGF) of artichoke leaves. Leaves emitted BGF under ultraviolet (UV) excitation; the abaxial side was much more fluorescent than the adaxial side, and in both cases, the youngest(More)
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