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A synopsis of the species of Myxidium Bütschli, 1882 (Myxozoa: Myxosporea: Bivalvulida) is presented. It includes a total of 232 nominal species, whose principal morphological and morphometric characteristics, site of infection within the host, and original hosts and locality are indicated in a tabulated format. A diagrammatic illustration of a spore of(More)
A synopsis of the species of Kudoa Meglitsch, 1947 (Myxozoa, Myxosporea, Multivalvulida) is presented, including 95 nominal species. For each species the most relevant morphological and morphometric features are indicated in tabulated format. Included are data on the site of infection within the host, the type-host and type-locality, plus a full(More)
Data on the seasonal occurrence and maturation of Rhabdochona gnedini Skrjabin, 1946 in its definitive host, the barbel Barbus bocagei, from the Sousa River, in northern Portugal, are presented. Monthly samples were taken from November, 1998 to October, 1999. A total of 178 fish specimens were inspected. R. gnedini occurred with high prevalences during(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic diagnosis of short segments of Barrett's epithelium (SSBE)' is difficult and its meaning in terms of the presence of specialised columnar epithelium (SCE) has not been prospectively evaluated. AIMS To evaluate the prevalence of SCE in patients with an endoscopic diagnosis of SSBE and in individuals with normal appearing(More)
An ultrastructural study of a biopsy fragment from the cerebellar cortex of a patient with ataxia-telangiectasia was performed. There was a sharp reduction in the number of Purkinje cells and an increase in the number of Golgi epithelial cells. Despite the degeneration of Purkinje cell dendrites, the volumetric density of parallel fiber varicosities and the(More)
Apparently normal dendrites from the frontal cortex of 7 patients with Alzheimer's disease showed mitochondria with increased density matrices and paracrystalline inclusions in the intercristal space. Most of the inclusions were formed by parallel laminae, while others presented a polyhedric arrangement. Deposits of electron-dense flocculent material were(More)
Neuronal loss and alterations of the cortical neuropil were previously described on necropsic material from patients with senile dementia of the Alzheimer type, and the results compared to age-matched case controls. In frontal cortex biopsic material from our patients with Alzheimer's disease, the numerical densities of neurons and synapses were not(More)
Specimens of Micromesistius poutassou (n=238) obtained in a fish market of Oporto, Portugal, were examined for the presence of larval anisakids. Anisakis sp. L3 larvae (prevalence = 77.7 %; mean intensity = 5.8; mean abundance = 4.5) and Hysterothylacium sp. L3 larvae (prevalence = 5 %; mean intensity = 4.1; mean abundance = 0.2) were found in body cavity,(More)
Specimens of Trachurus trachurus L., obtained monthly in a fish market of Oporto from October 1998 to August 1999, were examined for the presence of Kudoa in the muscle. Kudoa sp. spores were found in 84.7% of the specimens (n = 209). The prevalence was not significantly different between seasons and was not related to the host's length. The infection does(More)