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Modulation of Transforming Growth Factor β‐1 Gene Expression by Interleukin‐12
The critical role of IL‐12 in the early activation of the immune response to pathogens may include down‐modulation of TGF‐β1 gene activity, as found in the human lines, K562 and A549. Expand
Prevalence of Cardiovascular Diseases in Rural Area of Hmawbi and Urban Yangon City
Coronary heart disease was seen to be more prevalent in the urban townships than in the rural Hmawbi Township, but hypertension (HT) and rheumatic heart diseases (RHD) were more prevalentIn the rural township of Hmawedbi. Expand
Diversity of entomopathogenic fungi in rainforests of Chiang Mai Province , Thailand
International Tropical Mycological Research and Development Institiute, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, Yunnan, P.R. China Biocontrol Research Unit and Mycology Section,Expand
Characterization of Various Microalgae for Biodiesel Fuel Production
Overall growth rate of marine microalgae was higher than freshwater type among the algal strains under investigation and FTIR analysis showed the absorption spectrum with five important peaks explaining the stretching absorption due to aldehyde (C=O) and esters (C-O), bending absorption methylene (CH2) and methyl (CH3) groups and hydroxyl bond absorption (O-H) were strong in oil for all micro algae species. Expand
Community of crustacean larvae in Mon coastal water of Myanmar
The knowledge of reproductive biology and developmental patterns is a key issue in order to understand evolution, distribution and ecology of marine animals. Marine organisms display numerousExpand
Projection and Historical Analysis of Hydrological Circulation in Sittaung River Basin, Myanmar
Based on the comparison between several model outputs from CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase-5) and the satellite rainfall mapping data of GSMaP (global satellite mapping ofExpand
Effect of soybean milk for 12 weeks in six-weeks-old male rats′testis,prostate,epididymis,seminal vesicles and testosterone
Positive correlations between the doses of soy milk with spermatogenesis in the testes, prostate epithelial cell hyperplasia and apoptosis in epithelial cells of seminal vesicles were found and subchronically soy milk feeding in rats induce histopathology changes of reproductive organs that closely related to the process of endocrine disruptors. Expand
Determination of Inositol in Royal Jelly
Among seven optically inactive and one pair of The present work compares the HPLC and GC methods optically active forms of inositol, only the optically for the determination of inositol in RJP usingExpand
58-65 Chua TH.pmd
An outbreak of dengue in Kudat, northern Sabah in 2016-2017 provided an opportunity to investigate the circulating serotypes of dengue viruses of cases at Hospital Kudat. Between September 2016 andExpand