Aulisa Lorenzo

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A case of simultaneously occurring Huntington's disease and obstructive hydrocephalus is presented. Huntington's and other neurodegenerative diseases have been described with normal-pressure hydrocephalus; however, no such description with obstructive hydrocephalus has been reported. The obstructive hydrocephalus displays a familial tendency in its(More)
The efficacy of low-dose bromocriptine mesylate administration (20 mg daily or less) was evaluated in a double-blind study. Nine of 16 individuals receiving bromocriptine completed the 40-week study. Modest, but significant, improvement was derived from bromocriptine therapy. Improvement was most evident in tremor. Maximum improvement was achieved with(More)
A series of patients with meningococcal infections have been studied and divided in two groups: Group I patients with meningococcal sepsis and group II, those with meningococcal meningitis. Patients in group I presented with more severe encephalopathy, shock, DIC and acute systemic complications. Both groups showed a marked hypoaminoacidemia compared with(More)
Methods The screening program was based on three steps: A clinical examination was performed by the school physician and two specialists. Doubtful cases (presence of hump between the two sides of the torso as measured in the thoracic or thoracolumbar region with use of a humpmeter) were evaluated by an orthopedic specialist that prescribed clinical control(More)
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