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The main promise of the digital humanities is the ability to perform scholar studies at a much broader scale, and in a much more reusable fashion. The key enabler for such studies is the availability of sufficiently well described data. For the field of socioeconomic history, data usually comes in a tabular form. Existing efforts to curate and publish(More)
  • Timur Kuran, Bruce Ackerman, Luz Marina Arias, Bas Van Bavel, Jenna Bednar, Fahad Bishara +18 others
  • 2015
In the legal system of the pre-modern Middle East the closest thing to an autonomous private organization was the Islamic waqf. This non-state institution inhibited political participation, collective action, and rule of law, among other indicators of democratization. It did so through several mechanisms. Its activities were essentially set by its founder,(More)
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