Augusto delle Rose

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We determined the hemoglobin adduct levels of one aromatic amine of cigarette smoke, 4-aminobiphenyl (4-ABP), in smoking controls and in patients with transitional cell bladder carcinoma. Covalently bound 4-ABP was measured by capillary gas-chromatography and negative-ion chemical ionization mass-spectrometry, using deuterated 4-ABP as internal standard.(More)
INTRODUCTION Male to female (MtFs) and female to male (FtMs) subjects with gender identity disorder (GID) seem to differ with regard to some sociodemographic and clinical features. Currently, no descriptive studies focusing on MtFs and FtMs attending an Italian clinic are available. AIM To describe the sociodemographic characteristics of a GID population(More)
Experience with treatment of 38 patients in an early phase with urethral trauma is presented. The site of injury was the penile urethra in three cases, the bulbous urethra in seven, and the prostatomembranous urethra in 28. Different surgical procedures were used, according to the site and the extent of urethral damage and the presence of associated(More)
A series of 33 posterior urethral strictures in children is presented. The etiology was traumatic in 31 cases and iatrogenic in 2. Complex strictures were treated by a transpubic approach (20 cases) or by a posterior scroto-urethral inlay (1 case). Simple strictures were directly treated via the perineum: by a push-in technique (6 cases); by end-to-end(More)
Primary leiomyosarcomas arising in the penis are rare, with only 29 reported cases to date. We review the published records on this entity and describe an additional case of penile leiomyosarcoma occurring in a 53-year-old patient who underwent postectomy for a firm nodule in the prepuce. Four years later he experienced local recurrence which was(More)
A new technique for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence is described. It consists of colposuspension obtained by suprapubic placement of two double monofilament sutures in a spiral fashion on the lateral vaginal walls, which are fixed proximally to a Cooper's ligament and tied distally one to the other over the rectus fascia. This technique(More)
Serous borderline tumors are rare neoplasms. Herein we report our conservative approach, whose rationale is neoplasm low-malignant potential. Tumor was removed under general anesthesia, and frozen section ruled out a germinal malignancy or a stromal tumor such as rhabdomyosarcoma. Ultrasound evaluation was initially performed every 3 months during the first(More)
We investigated the possibility that variations of the metabolism of xenobiotic compounds might be involved in the process of bladder carcinogenesis, by studying activation reactions (phase I) and detoxification reactions (phase II) of xenobiotic compounds in a group of patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder and in a group of controls(More)
Pelvic trauma, especially when complicated by a posterior urethral disruption, may cause impotence in 50% of patients. The treatment of this kind of impotence has always been troublesome for the urologist. In fact penile prostheses or the revascularization procedures have sometimes been failures. We present a series of 6 patients with impotence after pelvic(More)