Augusto Uc-Mass

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The Nun protein of coliphage HK022 excludes superinfecting lambda phage. Nun recognizes and binds to the N utilization (nut) sites on phage lambda nascent RNA and induces transcription termination. Overexpression of Nun from a high-copy plasmid is toxic for Escherichia coli, despite the fact that nut sites are not encoded in the E. coli genome. Cells(More)
Coliphage HK022 Nun protein targets phage lambda nut boxB RNA and acts as a transcriptional terminator, counteracting the phage lambda N protein, a suppressor of transcription termination. Both Nun and N protein interact directly with RNA polymerase, and Nun competes with N protein for boxB binding and prevents superinfection of Escherichia coli HK022(More)
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