Augusto Tapia

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OBJECTIVE To compare changes in mammographic density and the expression of markers of proliferation (Ki67) and apoptosis (Bcl-2) after 1 year of treatment with tibolone and continuous conjugated equine estrogens combined with medroxyprogesterone acetate (CEE-MPA). DESIGN Comparative, randomized, evaluator-blinded study. SETTING City research hospital.(More)
We report our experience with 8 women with perineal endometriosis managed in a period of 20 years. All were multiparae women presenting with cyclical perineal painful masses related to menstrual periods. Symptomatology started 6 months to 16 years after last delivery. Three patients had partial involvement of the anal sphincter. The endometriosis area was(More)
Two young female patients with the syndrome of vascular compression of the duodenum are reported. Both patients presented with a history of vomiting and weight loss. Barium examination of the gastrointestinal tract showed in both cases, marked stomach distention and obstruction of the third portion of the duodenum. In one patient, abdominal CT scan(More)
Nonsuture surgery under microscopic control consists of conservative surgical excision of the tumor leaving the wound open and allowing it to granulate. Using fresh tissue technique, the lesion is cut in multiple horizontal sections from the depth up and examined under the microscope. In this form, a simple office procedure, removal is complete with minimum(More)
Thirty one patients with GI bleeding of obscure origin, defined as those with normal upper endoscopy and colonoscopy, were studied to know the yield of different diagnostic procedures. Seventeen patients consulted for hematochezia and bleeding less than 10 days of evolution in 71%. Small bowel X ray examination was performed in 14 cases with a diagnostic(More)
Ileo-rectal anastomosis was performed in 30 patients. Indication for surgery was ulcerative colitis in 12, cancer of colon in 10 and megacolon in 6. Mean age of patients was 47.8 years with an even sex distribution. Ileo-rectal anastomosis was performed simultaneously with total colectomy in elective patients (n = 18) and at a second stage, following(More)