Augusto Rodriguez

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The potential failure in through-silicon vias (TSVs) still poses a challenge in trying to extend the useful life of a 3D integrated circuit (IC). A model is proposed to mitigate the communication problem in 3D integrated circuits caused by the breaks at the TSVs. We provide the details of a low-complexity network that takes advantages of redundant TSVs to(More)
The integral image representation of an image is important for a large number of modern image processing algorithms. Integral image representations can reduce computation and increase the operating speed of certain algorithms, improving real-time performance. Due to increasing demand for real-time image processing performance, an integral image architecture(More)
In the last few years, several low-cost Power Factor Correctors (PFC) control techniques operating in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) have been proposed in order to simplify the traditional control strategies based on an analog multiplier. This simplification makes sense in the case of relatively low-power and wide input voltage range applications. These(More)
The envelope tracking technique is used to increment the efficiency of modern radiofrequency trans­mitters. It is based on supplying the linear radiofrequency power amplifier of the transmitter with a time-varying voltage that tracks the envelope of the information signal being transmitted. These systems require a converter capable of varying its(More)
This paper presents a complete analytical switching loss model for power MOSFETs in low voltage switching converters. Traditionally, the piecewise linear model has been used to obtain both switching losses and efficiency in these converters, due to its simplicity and good performance. However, the use of the latest low voltage power MOSFET generations and(More)
The static design of AC/DC and DC/DC switching power supplies relies on a simple but repetitive pro­cess. Although specific spreadsheets, avalaible in various CAD programs, are widely used, they are difficult to use in educational applications. In this paper a graphic tool programmed in MATLAB is presented to allow students to make a rapid static(More)
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