Augusto Olguín

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We assessed the hydration state of antlers and its effect on antler mechanical properties compared with wet femur. Red deer antlers were removed from the head at various times, from a few days after velvet shedding till late in the season, and weighed weekly until after casting time. Antlers cut just after losing their velvet lost weight rapidly in the(More)
Escherichia coli O157:H7 is a foodborne pathogenic bacterium that can reside undetected in the gastrointestinal tract of cattle because colonization by this bacterium is asymptomatic. Recent research has indicated that swine can carry and transmit this pathogen as well. The development of more advanced and sensitive detection techniques has improved the(More)
We have shown recently that antlers of red deer, at the time that they are used in fights in the rut, are essentially dry. We have also shown that dry antler material has a lower impact energy absorption than that of wet antler, a property which, in a fight, is probably very important in the first clashing of antlers. However, dry antler has a much higher(More)
Ungulates select diets with high energy, protein, and sodium contents. However, it is scarcely known the influence of essential minerals other than Na in diet preferences. Moreover, almost no information is available about the possible influence of toxic levels of essential minerals on avoidance of certain plant species. The aim of this research was to test(More)
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