Augusto Mario Rossi

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To clarify whether hypnotically-induced alexia was able to reduce the Stroop effect due to color/word interference, 12 volunteers (6 with high and 6 with low hypnotizability according to Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale Form C) underwent a Stroop test consisting of measuring, both in basal conditions and during post-hypnotic alexia, the reaction times(More)
To highlight the effects of hypnotic focused analgesia (HFA), 20 healthy participants underwent a cold pressor test (CPT) in waking basal conditions (WBC) by keeping the right hand in icy water until tolerable (pain tolerance); subjective pain was quantified by visual scale immediately before extracting the hand from water. The test was then repeated while(More)
During hypnosis it is easy to induce hallucinations having, for the hypnotized subject, the characteristics and the concreteness of reality. This study was performed to put in evidence the physical effects of hypnotic suggestion of warm tub bathing. 18 volunteers screened for high hypnotizability were studied. They underwent suggestion of forearm in warm(More)
We study the processes γγ → K 0 S K AE π ∓ and γγ → K þ K − π 0 using a data sample of 519 fb −1 recorded with the BABAR detector operating at the SLAC PEP-II asymmetric-energy e þ e − collider at center-of-mass energies at and near the ΥðnSÞ (n ¼ 2, 3, 4) resonances. We observe η c decays to both final states and perform Dalitz plot analyses using a(More)
Citation Lees, J. P., et al. "Measurement of the I = 1/2 KS-wave amplitude from Dalitz plot analyses of [subscript c] K[bar over K] in two-photon interactions. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use.
Based on the full BABAR data sample, we report improved measurements of the ratios RðDÞ ¼ BðB ! D À Þ=BðB ! D' À ' Þ and RðD Ã Þ ¼ BðB ! D Ã À Þ=BðB ! D Ã ' À ' Þ, where ' refers to either an electron or muon. These ratios are sensitive to new physics contributions in the form of a charged Higgs boson. We measure RðDÞ ¼ 0:440 AE 0:058 AE 0:042 and RðD Ã Þ ¼(More)
A search is made for charged Higgs bosons predicted by Two-Higgs-Doublet extensions of the Standard Model (2HDM) using electron-positron collision data collected by the OPAL experiment at √ s = 189–209 GeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of approximately 600 pb −1. Charged Higgs bosons are assumed to be pair-produced and to decay into q¯ q, τ ν τ(More)
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