Augusto Márquez

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Protein adsorption at nanostructured oxides strongly depends on the synthesis conditions and sample history of the material investigated. We measured the adsorption of bovine serum albumin (BSA) to commercial Aeroxide TiO2 P25 nanoparticles in aqueous dispersions. Significant changes in the adsorption capacity were induced by mild sample washing procedures(More)
BACKGROUND Activity retention upon enzyme adsorption on inorganic nanostructures depends on different system parameters such as structure and composition of the support, composition of the medium as well as enzyme loading. Qualitative and quantitative characterization work, which aims at an elucidation of the microscopic details governing enzymatic(More)
The exact expression for the maximum tension of a pendulum string is used to obtain a closed-form approximate expression for the solution of a simple pendulum in terms of elementary functions. This approximate solution has a rational harmonic expression and depends on an unknown function, which must be determined. This unknown function is expanded using the(More)
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