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Post-Western World
The contemporary world order is under intense scrutiny from observers, specialists, and researchers of the subject. Since the 2000s, a period that witnessed the emergence of developing countries ontoExpand
The BRICS on climate change global governance
This article aims at assessing the evolution of BRICS’ positions on climate change global governance. We discuss the implications of that positioning for the role of the group on that theme. From theExpand
In this paper, I identify and analyze the main internal and external challenges, as well as the opportunities that the New Development Bank may face hereafter. Furthermore, this article has theExpand
The Contemporary World Order, BRICS and the R2P+ Principle: the Cases of Brazil and China (2005/2017)*
Objective/Context: One major pillar of the world orders’ legitimacy is the existence and recognition of international norms and institutions. In the literature on International Relations, many stud...