Augusto Jun Devegili

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In this paper we describe an efficient implementation of the Tate and Ate pairings using Barreto-Naehrig pairing-friendly curves, on both a standard PC and on a 32-bit smartcard. First we introduce a subfamily of such curves with a particularly simple representation. Next we consider the issues that arise in the efficient implemention of field arithmetic in(More)
Pairing-friendly fields are finite fields that are suitable for the implementation of cryptographic bilinear pairings. In this paper we review multiplication and squaring methods for pairing-friendly fields Fpk with k ∈ {2, 3, 4, 6}. For composite k, we consider every possible towering construction. We compare the methods to determine which is most(More)
Although fair exchange protocols are being widely implemented, there are few formal methods able to verify them. This work introduces the strand spaces method for verifying certified mail delivery protocols, a subclass of fair exchange protocols. Three fair exchange properties are verified: effectiveness, verifiability of TTP and timeliness. For(More)
This article presents the definition of an XML schema of digital ballots for official elections using XML signature, thus defining the syntax of the digital ballot and providing the services of identification, integrity and non-repudiation of the ballot. The proposed schema was validated in regard to the XML Schema standard and an application was developed(More)
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