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Agaricus blazei Murill is a medicinal mushroom native to Brazil. The present work assessed the clastogenic and anticlastogenic potential of organic extracts (ethanol and chloroform/methanol) from the(More)
Chemopreventive and immunomodulatory potential of methanolic (MET) and dichloromethanic (DCl) extracts of Agaricus blazei mushroom were investigated in the postinitiation stage of colon(More)
The chemopreventive potential of an Agaricus blazei (Ab) Murrill mushroom meal was investigated in a medium-term rat liver carcinogenesis assay. Male Wistar rats initiated for hepatocarcinogenesis(More)
This study was performed to evaluate the efficiency of four different lineages (95/01, L1, 96/22 and JABK) of Lentinula edodes (BERK.) Pegler mushroom (shiitake) for inhibiting the(More)