Augusto Enrique Caballero

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OBJECTIVE Endothelial dysfunction has been reported in type 2 diabetic patients and in obese subjects with insulin resistance syndrome (IRS). This study evaluates the effects of weight reduction and exercise on vascular reactivity of the macro- and the microcirculation in obese subjects with IRS. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS; We studied 24 obese subjects (9(More)
OBJECTIVE We measured plasma markers of endothelial dysfunction, vascular inflammation, and pro-coagulation in obese Hispanic/Latino children and adolescents with normal glucose tolerance and determined their relationship to body composition and indexes of glucose and lipid metabolism. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A total of 38 lean or obese Hispanic(More)
We examined the effects of high-dosage vitamin E treatment over a 12-month period on the vascular reactivity of micro- and macrocirculation and left ventricular function in diabetic patients. Subjects (n = 89) were randomized to vitamin E (1,800 IU daily) or placebo and were followed for 12 months. High-resolution ultrasound images were used to measure the(More)
OBJECTIVE In this secondary analysis, we examined whether older adults with diabetes (aged 60-75 years) could benefit from self-management interventions compared with younger adults. Seventy-one community-dwelling older adults and 151 younger adults were randomized to attend a structured behavioral group, an attention control group, or one-to-one education.(More)
BACKGROUND Hispanics have a high rate of diabetes that exposes them to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. We hypothesized that many of the pathophysiological mechanisms that cause atherosclerotic disease may be present in young Hispanics who do not have clinical diabetes but are at increased risk of developing it. METHODS We studied 36 young(More)
Diabetic ketoacidosis is a life-threatening acute metabolic complication of uncontrolled diabetes. Severe cases of DKA (pH ≤ 7.00, bicarbonate level ≤ 10.0, anion gap > 12, positive ketones, and altered mental status) are commonly encountered in patients with type 1 diabetes and are thought to carry an ominous prognosis. There is not enough information on(More)
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