Augusto Durán

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BACKGROUND Zinc supplements reduce childhood morbidity in populations in whom zinc deficiency is common. In such populations, deficiencies in other micronutrients may also occur. OBJECTIVE The objective was to determine whether the administration of other micronutrients with zinc modifies the effect of zinc supplementation on children's morbidity and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether supplemental zinc, with or without additional micronutrients, affects the severity and duration of persistent childhood diarrhea and the rate of nutritional recovery. DESIGN The study was a community-based, double-blind, randomized trial implemented in a shanty town in Lima, Peru. Children aged 6 to 36 months with persistent(More)
The computerization of SaO2 recording during polysomnographic monitoring allows the construction of a diagram expressing the percentage of TIB spent at different steps in saturation. We studied the value of this diagram in three groups of male patients: (1) nine healthy subjects (all volunteers); (2) 25 patients with COPD who had a mean daily SaO2 of 92.3(More)
To measure erythrocyte folate content and serum folic acid and homocysteine (Hcy) levels in preeclamptic primigravidae teenagers living at high altitude. Measured analytes were compared to those found in normal teen controls. Teenagers complicated with preeclampsia displayed significantly lower hematocrit and erythrocyte folic acid levels with higher serum(More)
This prospective study compared two weaning modalities in COPD patients requiring mechanical ventilation (MV) for acute respiratory failure. Nineteen patients with COPD were studied when their precipitating illness was controlled. Although they satisfied the conventional bedside weaning criteria, they could not tolerate any reduction in the respirator rate(More)
The authors report a case of right-sided paralysis of the diaphragm which revealed a lung cancer extending to the mediastinum and involving the right phrenic nerve. This case underlines the limitations of thoracic imaging in case of phrenic nerve paralysis. It also demonstrates the value of early exploratory thoracotomy in all patients with allegedly(More)
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