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— The SECAS Project (Simple Environment for Context Aware Systems) deals with the adaptation of applications to the context (user preferences and environment, terminal, etc.). We aim to develop a platform which makes the services, data and the user interface of applications adaptable to different context situations. In this domain, researches have(More)
Multimedia documents are an effective way to present different kinds of information, since the integration of different media types gives more expressive power and opportunities to catch the user attention. A multimedia report is a multimedia presentation built on a set of data returned by one or more queries to multimedia repositories, integrated according(More)
In this paper we discuss the problem of indexing a large collection of images where each image is described by several features. Each feature deenes a multidimensional space where images are points, and the similarity b e t ween images is computed as the distance between points. We propose to approach m ultiple features indexing by maintaining a separate(More)
In a navigation-oriented interaction paradigm, such as desktop, mixed and augmented virtual reality, recognizing the user needs is a valuable improvement, provided that the system is able to correctly anticipate the user actions. Methodologies for adapting both navigation and content allow the user to interact with a customized version of the 3D world,(More)
In this paper we describe the results of a study on similarity evaluation in image retrieval using color, object orientation and relative position as content features, in a framework oriented to image repositories where the semantics of stored images are limited to a specific domain. The focus is not on a complete description of image content, which is(More)