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A collection {S 1 ,S 2 ,...} of nonempty sets is called a complementing system of subsets for a set X of nonnegative integers if every element of X can be uniquely expressed as a sum of elements of the sets S 1 ,S 2 ,.... We present a complete characterization of all complementing systems of subsets for the set of the first n nonnegative integers as well as(More)
The labeled factorizations of a positive integer n are obtained as a completion of the set of ordered factorizations of n. This follows a new technique for generating ordered factorizations found by extending a method for unordered factorizations that relies on partitioning the multiset of prime factors of n. Our results include explicit enumeration(More)
We consider new properties of the combinatorial objects known as overpartitions (which are natural generalizations of integer partitions). In particular, we establish an infinite set of Ramanujan-type congruences for the restricted overpartitions known as`-regular overpartitions. This significantly extends the recent work of Shen which focused solely on(More)