Augustine O. Esogbue

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Ž . The study of expectation optimality criteria standard criteria has constituted most previous work in the area of Markov decision processes Ž . MDPs . However, the optimal policies obtained from such models are not reliable when considering a single or a few decision processes, since only the average performance over many trials is guaranteed to be(More)
| Uncertainty is present in virtually all replacement decisions due to unknown future events, such as revenue streams, maintenance costs, and in°ation. Fuzzy sets provide a mathematical framework for explicitly incorporating imprecision into the decision making model, especially when the system involves human subjectivity. This paper illustrates the use of(More)
In this paper, we propose the treatment of complex reservoir operation problems via our newly developed tool of fuzzy criterion decision processes. This novel approach has been shown to be a more flexible and useful analysis tool especially when it is desirable to incorporate an expert’s knowledge into the decision models. Additionally, it has been(More)