Augustine Joshua Devasahayam

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PURPOSE Presently used prediction equations for maximal oxygen uptake are mostly derived from studies of western populations. However, the interracial differences are quite large when prediction equations for the Western-white population are applied to Asian-Indians. The present study was aimed at the initial development of a prediction equation for the(More)
Objective: To determine whether stroke survivors could maintain workloads during functional task practice that can reach moderate levels of cardiometabolic stress (i.e., ≥40% oxygen uptake reserve ([Formula: see text]O2R) for ≥20 min) without the use of ergometer-based exercise. Design: Cross-sectional study using convenience sampling. Setting: Research(More)
Introduction Walking is of high priority for people with multiple sclerosis (PwMS). It remains unclear whether aerobic exercise can improve walking ability and upregulate neurotrophins. This review aims to consolidate evidence to develop optimal aerobic training parameters to enhance walking outcomes and neuroplasticity in PwMS. Methods Clinical studies(More)
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