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We predict a condensation phenomenon in an overall neutral system, consisting of a single charged plate and its oppositely charged counterions. Based on the " two-fluid " model, in which the counterions are divided into a " free " and a " condensed " fraction, we argue that for high surface charge, fluctuations can lead to a phase transition in which a(More)
The classical approach of solvability using group theory is well known and one original motivation is to solve polynomials by radicals. Radicals are square, cube, square root, cube root etc of the original coefficients for the polynomial. A polynomial is solvable by radicals if the permutation group is solvable. This is exact solvability via group theory.(More)
In this paper we present a unified physical picture for the electrostatic attraction between two coupled planar Wigner crystals at finite temperature. This model may facilitate our conceptual understanding of counterion-mediated attractions between (highly) similarly charged planes. By adopting an elastic theory, we show that the total attractive force(More)
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