August Climent

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Formal sequentialization is introduced as a rewriting process for the reduction of parallelism and internal communication statements of distributed imperative programs. It constructs an equivalence proof in an implicit way, via the application of equivalence laws as rewrite rules, thus generating a chain of equivalent programs. The variety of the possible(More)
Nowadays, the curricular needs of the students from Vocational Training have to adapt to all kinds of content in order to improve their future professional integration. In this sense, the technology knowledge is essential in any work environment. However, the introduction of these curricular features in certain non-technological academic areas may not be(More)
Starting university studies in the field of engineering represents a significant change of habits of study for the majority of students. Throughout this new educational stage, the work of the academic tutor (or advisor) is essential for guiding and accompanying the student. This process should help to prevent problems such as the frustration and insecurity(More)
Equivalence reasoning with distributed system models, expressed directly as imperative programs with explicit parallelism, communication operations, storage variables and boolean conditions, remains virtually unexplored. Only reasoning with models expressed as process algebras has been amply dealt with in literature. However, these formalisms do not(More)