Augsana Boonthum

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Young Alicia rabbits use VHa-negative genes, VHx and VHy, in most VDJ genes, and their serum Ig is VHa negative. However, as Alicia rabbits age, VHa2 allotype Ig is produced at high levels. We investigated which VH gene segments are used in the VDJ genes of a2 Ig-secreting hybridomas and of a2 Ig+ B cells from adult Alicia rabbits. We found that 21 of the(More)
Water samples were concentrated by the modified adsorption-elution technique followed by speedVac reconcentration of the filter eluates. Reverse transcriptase-nested polymerase chain reaction (RT-nested PCR) was used to detect rotavirus RNA in concentrates of the water. The detection limit of the rotavirus determined by RT-nested PCR alone was about 1.67(More)
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