Audun Solvang

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When Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) is used to represent a sound field, the channels might contain a lot of redundancy in some cases. This redundancy can be exploited in order to provide more efficient network transmission and storage. In this work the amount of inter-channel redundancy for Higher Order Ambisonics is investigated. Furthermore, lossless(More)
In recent years there has been growing interest in modeling sound propagation in complex, three-dimensional (3D) virtual environments. With diverse applications for the military, the gaming industry, psychoacoustics researchers, architectural acousticians, and others, advances in computing power and 3D audio-rendering techniques have driven research and(More)
The maximum-directivity beamformers, or the so-called plane wave decomposition (PWD) beamformers have been widely studied and used for spherical microphone arrays, but they are known to be sensitive to random array errors that exist in practical applications. In this paper, a robust maximum-directivity beamforming approach based on the spherical harmonics(More)
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