Audun Myskja

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Recent developments in brain research and in the field of music therapy have led to the development of music-based methods specifically aimed at relieving symptoms of Parkinson's disease and other neurologic disorders. Rhythmic auditory stimulation uses external rhythmic auditory cues from song, music or metronome to aid patients improving their walking(More)
Music therapy has developed its practice and research approaches within a qualitative framework more related to humanistic traditions than to medical science. Music medicine has therefore developed as a separate discipline, endeavouring to incorporate the legitimate therapeutic use of music within a medical framework. This paper argues that more extensive(More)
Music has been an element in medical practice throughout history. There is growing interest in music as a therapeutic tool. Since there is no generally accepted standard for how, when and where music should be applied within a medical framework, this literature study endeavours to present an overview of central areas of application of music in medicine. It(More)
BACKGROUND There is growing interest in the therapeutic use of music in nursing homes. The difficulties inherent in medical treatment of this population warrant further studies of music as a therapeutic modality. MATERIAL AND METHODS This is a review of articles on the use of music and music therapy in geriatrics. Findings from a nursing home project,(More)
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