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The paper proposes a more formalized definition of UML 2.0 activity diagram semantics. A subset of activity diagram constructs relevant for business process modeling is considered. The semantics definition is based on the original token flow methodology, but a more constructive approach is used. The activity diagram virtual machine is defined by means of a(More)
Tim Berners-Lee and co-authors in their seminal paper " The Semantic Web " , published in 2001, outlined their vision about the future Semantic Web. But today we are still far from the implementation of this vision. Despite fundamental achievements, like definition of OWL (Web Ontology Language) and rapid progress of RDF/OWL content creation, storage and(More)
Nowadays, more and more issues need to be considered when implementing tools for domain specific languages with an orientation to the business process management. It is not enough to build just an editor for the language, various specific services need to be provided as well. In this paper, we describe our approach how to develop new domain specific(More)
Currently many different modeling languages are used for workflow definitions in BPM systems. Authors of this paper analyze the two most popular graphical languages, with highest possibility of wide practical usage-UML Activity diagrams (AD) and Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). The necessary in practice workflow aspects are briefly discussed, and(More)