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This comparative study was conducted to provide a detailed, comprehensive description of the innervation to the follicle-sinus complex (F-SC) of mystacial vibrissae and to determine if interspecies variability in the innervation of the F-SCs may be related to differences in the structure or existence of barrels in the primary somatosensory (SI) cortex. Two(More)
In this paper, we assume that the perspective which consists of identifying the NLP supply according to its different uses gives a general and efficient framework to understand the existing technological and industrial offer in a user-oriented approach. The main feature of this approach is to analyse how a specific technical product is really used by the(More)
Using PCR we have studied mononuclear peripheral blood leucocytes (PMBLs) from HBV-infected immunosuppressed patients in order to detect the presence of HBV genomes. Our results indicate that non-transient PMBL infection is common in immunotolerant carriers. In addition, the presence of pregenomic mRNA sequences suggests that virus replication may take(More)
The main achievement of ELRA (the most visible) is the growth of its catalogue. The ELRA catalogue as of April 2000 lists 111 speech resources, 50 monolingual lexica, 113 multilingual lexica, 24 written corpora and 275 terminological databases. However, many Language Resources (LRs) need to be identified and/or produced. To this effect, ELRA is active in(More)
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