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Context-based projection methods for identifying the translation of terms in comparable corpora has attracted a lot of attention in the community, e.g. Surprisingly, none of those works have systematically investigated the impact of the many parameters controlling their approach. The present study aims at doing just this. As a test-case, we address the task(More)
  • Audrey Laroche, Kevin Tran-Cong, Vanessa Chaire, Pauline Lagarde, Isabelle Hostein, Jean-Michel Coindre +6 others
  • 2015
Nutlin inhibits TP53-MDM2 interaction and is under investigation in soft-tissue sarcomas (STS) and other malignancies. Molecular mechanisms of secondary resistance to nutlin in STS are unknown. We performed whole-transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq) on three pretreatment and secondary resistant STS cell lines selected based on their high primary sensitivity(More)
RÉSUMÉ L'approche standard d'identification d'équivalents terminologiques à partir de corpus comparables repose sur la comparaison de mots contextuels en langues source et cible et sur l'utilisation d'un lexique bilingue. Nous analysons manuellement, selon des critères linguistiques (parties du discours, spécificité et relations sémantiques), les propriétés(More)
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