Audrey Lajeunesse

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During mitosis, Bub1 kinase phosphorylates histone H2A-T120 to promote centromere sister chromatid cohesion through recruitment of shugoshin (Sgo) proteins. The regulation and dynamics of H2A-T120 phosphorylation are poorly understood. Using quantitative phosphoproteomics we show that Bub1 is autophosphorylated at numerous sites. We confirm mitosis-specific(More)
Nutritional supplements are part of the diet of many athletes. With the exception of caffeine and ephedrine alkaloids, most of these products do not contain substances that are prohibited to competing sportsmen. In recent years, androgens, pro-hormones such as DHEA, androstenedione, androstenediol and 19-norsteroids became available for oral(More)
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