Audrey Kertesz

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Synapses established during central nervous system development can be modified through synapse elimination and formation. These processes are, in part, activity dependent and require regulated trafficking of post-synaptic components. Here, we investigate the activity-driven remodeling of cultured rat hippocampal neurons at 14 days in vitro, focusing on the(More)
The neuroligin (NL) gene family codes for brain specific cell adhesion molecules that play an important role in synaptic connectivity. Recent studies have identified NL mutations linked to patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Cognitive deficits seen in autistic patients are hypothesized to arise from altered synchronicity both within and between(More)
Loss of the ability to regulate calcium is a central event leading to neuronal cell death during a wide range of pathological conditions including stroke and seizure. Here we present a new dissociated hippocampal cell culture model of acute electrical activity which incorporates the photoconductive stimulation of neuronal networks grown on silicon wafers.(More)
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