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BACKGROUND Bacterial infection can pose a substantial diagnostic dilemma. Techniques involving radiolabelled leucocytes can pinpoint the site of inflammation. However, previous radiolabelling techniques have failed to distinguish between bacterial-mediated infection and non-bacterial inflammation. To overcome this difficulty, we have studied a(More)
AIMS To determine the sensitivity and specificity of 99mTc-Infecton (Infecton), a novel ciprofloxacin based imaging agent, in detecting sites of infection. METHODS Ninety patients thought to be suffering from a variety of infections were administered 300-400 MBq of Infecton intravenously. Whole body images were taken one and four hours later. Appropriate(More)
The aim of the study was to distinguish infection from inflammation in patients with suspected infection using technetium-99m Infecton. Ninety-nine patients (102 studies) referred for infection evaluation underwent imaging with 400 MBq99mTc-Infecton at 1 and 4 h. Most patients had appropriate microbiological tests and about half (56) had radiolabelled white(More)