Audrey Curtis

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Face processing and facial expression recognition were investigated in the earliest stages of Huntington's disease, by studying 40 people who presented for genetic testing. Twenty-three of these 'at risk' individuals turned out not to carry the gene for Huntington's disease (the AR- group). Seventeen were found to be gene carriers (the AR+ group); 15 from(More)
Survivorship medicine is fairly new in the realm of oncology. As we broaden our focus from treatment and prevention to include survivorship there is substantial opportunity to enhance the care of the patient. Important in successful management of recovery after cancer treatment is managing the side effects of therapy and improving quality of life. This(More)
Introduction With the advent of widely available HIV testing and the introduction of antiretroviral agents, life expectancy of HIV infected patients has increased. Historically patients with HIV requiring ITU admission had a poor outcome, with mortality up to 70% however in recent years ITU mortality rates have fallen ([1]). An aging population presenting(More)
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