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The rise of research on futures in ecology: rebalancing scenarios and predictions.
Concern about the ecological consequences of global change has increasingly stimulated ecologists to examine the futures of ecological systems. Studying futures is not only a crucial element of theExpand
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Female polymorphisms, sexual conflict and limits to speciation processes in animals
Heritable and visually detectable polymorphisms, such as trophic polymorphisms, ecotypes, or colour morphs, have become classical model systems among ecological geneticists and evolutionaryExpand
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Multi-scale study of bird species distribution and of their response to vegetation change: a Mediterranean example
Land use changes operate at different scales. They trigger a cascade of effects that simultaneously modify the composition or structure of the landscape and of the local vegetation. Mobil animals,Expand
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Prediction in ecology: promises, obstacles and clarifications
In the current context of global change and a biodiversity crisis, there are increasing demands for greater predictive power in ecology, in both the scientific literature and at the science–policyExpand
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The influence of ecological knowledge on biodiversity conservation policies: A strategic challenge for knowledge producers
Abstract Within a context marked by widespread biodiversity decline, researchers in ecology often express their willingness to contribute to the definition of new policy solutions. However, producingExpand
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Reflexive strategic action to consolidate a research–NGO partnership during science–policy interactions
Abstract Ecology researchers are increasingly willing to be involved in conservation policy-making processes. However, such processes are driven by complex negotiations between numerous stakeholders.Expand
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