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Owing to its phylogenetic position at the base of the chordates, the cephalochordate amphioxus is an emerging model system carrying immense significance for understanding the evolution of vertebrate development. One important shortcoming of amphioxus as a model organism has been the unavailability of animal husbandry protocols to maintain amphioxus adults(More)
Amorphous glassy materials of diverse nature-concentrated emulsions, granular materials, pastes, molecular glasses-display complex flow properties, intermediate between solid and liquid, which are at the root of their use in many applications. A general feature of such systems, well documented yet not really understood, is the strongly nonlinear nature of(More)
The fundamental aim of this PhD thesis is to rigorously evaluate the performance of an elegant breadboard RLS instrument under Mars analogue conditions. In order to evaluate the RLS instrument performance under Martian conditions an analogue chamber capable of reproducing the major features of the Martian atmosphere is required. A major component of this(More)
Local thermal variation occurring during light enhanced rapid thermal process (RTP) and millisecond anneals called “pattern effects” have various origin, with more or less impact as function of the used process. The main issues concern the variation of thermal conductivity and the variation of the light absorption by optical interference or(More)
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