Audrey Clothier

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1 N-acetylation phenotype has been examined in 30 patients with bladder cancer and in 27 controls of similar age. 2 59% of controls and 70% of bladder cancer patients were phenotypically 'slow' acetylators. This difference was not significant (P greater than 0.30). 3 Within phenotypes, isoniazed half life was similar in controls and bladder cancer patients.(More)
Sodium salicylate, 537 mg and 1074 mg were compared in a double-blind cross-over study in 24 patients with post-operative pain following removal of impacted lower third molars. No significant analgesic effect was observed after either dose of sodium salicylate, either overall or at any time point during the 5 h investigation period. Peak plasma(More)
OBJECTIVE Questionnaires evaluating hearing impairment are available in English but there is a need for French standardised questionnaires for researchers as well as for audiologists and other clinicians. The objective of this study is to describe the translation and validation of four questionnaires that assess different aspects of hearing impairment and(More)
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