Audrey Clément

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OBJECTIVES Denutrition is a frequent condition in elderly persons and may have major consequences. A noninvasive investigation, whole body dual energy X-ray absorptiometry, should allow, by direct measurement of body composition, early and reliable diagnosis of denutrition. This study was conducted to elaborate a diagnostic tool using this exam and to test(More)
PURPOSE The study objective was to validate a specific quality of life (QoL) questionnaire for caregivers of cancer patients, the CareGiver Oncology Quality of Life questionnaire (CarGOQoL), based on the exclusive points of view of the caregivers. MATERIALS AND METHODS A 75-item questionnaire generated from content analysis of interviews with caregivers(More)
This paper assesses the extent to which stock market information may assist bank regulators in the identification of bank financial distress. The research identifies a variety of stock return and other market related variables that might contain elements of longer-term trends capable of anticipating changes in regulator ratings of bank and thrift financial(More)
This study describes patient adherence to leukemia maintenance therapy and the factors associated with nonadherence, with a particular focus on the different age groups concerned. Sixty-four in-depth interviews were performed in three centers among 31 parents of children, 12 parents of adolescents, 12 adolescents, and 9 adult patients. Adherence was(More)
AIMS A multicentric study involving 12 centers was made to investigate the results of peripheral stem cell collection carried out between 1996 and 1997 from 655 patients with hemopathic syndromes or malignant tumors, The aim of this investigation was to determine the predictive factors for transplant quality, and to thereby optimize collection procedures.(More)
CONTEXT The development of sex-active drugs justifies the use of scales for evaluating changes induced by such forms of therapy. Among the tools available for evaluating erectile dysfunction (ED), the International Index of Erectile Function is the most widely used. Analysis of the scientific literature shows that these instruments remain primarily focused(More)
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