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Six patients with fetal alcohol syndrome were found to have developmental abnormalities of the kidney. In only one patient was investigation for renal pathology made in the absence of clinical indication. Two had palpable masses in the left upper quadrant, one had pyelonephritis, one had painless hematuria, and the fifth patient had symptomatology(More)
Disclaimer The Provisional Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice is intended to reflect current knowledge and practices for the clinical speciality of infusion therapy. Clinical practice is continually evolving based on research; therefore users should complete an independent assessment on the appropriateness and applicability of a standard in any specific(More)
18 pregnant women identified as heavy drinkers by the criteria of Cahalan et al., gave birth to 6 normal infants, 5 infants with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and 7 with partial FAS. Average daily alcohol consumption of mothers of normal infants was less than that of mothers of FAS and partial FAS infants. Lower socioeconomic class, higher parity and(More)
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