Audrey Bihouée

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UNLABELLED MADGene is a software environment comprising a web-based database and a java application. This platform aims at unifying gene identifiers (ids) and performing gene set analysis. MADGene allows the user to perform inter-conversion of clone and gene ids over a large range of nomenclatures relative to 17 species. We propose a set of 23 functions to(More)
We propose a freely accessible web-based pipeline, which processes raw microarray scan data to obtain experimentally consolidated gene expression values. The tool MADSCAN, which stands for MicroArray Data Suites of Computed ANalysis, makes a practical choice among the numerous methods available for filtering, normalizing and scaling of raw microarray(More)
Risk stratification in advanced heart failure (HF) is crucial for the individualization of therapeutic strategy, in particular for heart transplantation and ventricular assist device implantation. We tested the hypothesis that cardiac gene expression profiling can distinguish between HF patients with different disease severity. We obtained tissue samples(More)
Microgravity has a dramatic impact on human physiology, illustrated in particular, with skeletal muscle impairment. A thorough understanding of the mechanisms leading to loss of muscle mass and structural disorders is necessary for defining efficient clinical and spaceflight countermeasures. We investigated the effects of long-term bed rest on the(More)
BACKGROUND Nutrient deficiency during perinatal development is associated with an increased risk to develop obesity, diabetes and hypertension in the adulthood. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the developmental programming of the metabolic syndrome remain largely unknown. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Given the essential role of the(More)
DNA microarray technology has had a great impact on muscle research and microarray gene expression data has been widely used to identify gene signatures characteristic of the studied conditions. With the rapid accumulation of muscle microarray data, it is of great interest to understand how to compare and combine data across multiple studies. Meta-analysis(More)
Microarray technology is a widely used approach to gene expression analysis. Many tools for microarray management and data analysis have been developed, and recently new methods have been proposed for deciphering biological pathways by integrating microarray data with other data sources. However, to improve microarray analysis and provide meaningful gene(More)
Scientific Workflow management systems have been largely adopted by data-intensive science communities. Many efforts have been dedicated to the representation and exploitation of provenance to improve reproducibility in data-intensive sciences. However, few works address the mining of provenance graphs to annotate the produced data with domain-specific(More)
In the model of Huh-7.5.1 hepatocyte cells infected by the JFH1 hepatitis C virus (HCV) strain, transcriptomic and proteomic studies have revealed modulations of pathways governing mainly apoptosis and cell cycling. Differences between transcriptomic and proteomic studies pointed to regulations occurring at the posttranscriptional level, including the(More)
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