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Nursery Rhymes in Music and Language Literacy
Nursery rhymes have been a part of childhood for centuries. Spanning the generations, children and adults continue to delight in their poetry and melodies. Educators consider these rhymes traditional
General Music and the Common Core: A Brief Discussion.
The Common Core Standards and the wide-spread state adoption have implications for music teachers. Alignment with English language arts Common Core Standards is discussed, with examples provided fo...
Word Sorts for General Music Classes
Word sorts are standard practice for aiding children in acquiring skills in English language arts. When included in the general music classroom, word sorts may aid students in acquiring a working
Sound Stories for General Music
Language and music literacy share a similar process of understanding that progresses from sensory experience to symbolic representation. The author identifies Bruner’s modes of understanding as they
Mitigating death anxiety: Identifying music’s role in terror management
Based on the ideas of social-anthropologist Ernest Becker, Terror Management Theory (TMT) explains human behavior as being motivated by conscious and unconscious mortality salience. This article
Using English Language Arts to Teach a Song
Music and reading domains require similar auditory processing skills. Students employ these skills when learning a new song through an oral/aural or rote-teaching approach. In this article, I review
Screen Media and Young Children: Who Benefits?
Since the airing of Sesame Street in 1985, television produced for children has expanded to more television shows and educational media that includes videos, DVDs, and computer products. Viewing
Beatlemania in the General Music Classroom
In Geoff Edgers’s biography of the Beatles, Who Were the Beatles?, young readers learn of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison’s youth and growth as musicians, the band’s
Music Activities for Little Wolf’s Song
Drawn from Britta Techentrup’s children’s book Little Wolf’s Song, the author shares music activities appropriate for preschool and children in primary grades. Children will enjoy Technentrup’s
Exploring Music Dynamics Through Children’s Literature
Language sometimes creates confusion when teaching music concepts to children. Incorporating children’s literature may further enhance children’s comprehension of music vocabulary when preceded by