Audra Fuller

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Persons diagnosed as affected with Huntington's disease (HD) may have similar stages of psychological response to the clinical presentation of the illness. Here we describe a model of these stages of response based on our experience during a predictive testing program for HD. During the Warning Stage, asymptomatic persons are aware of their risk status for(More)
The first predictive testing for Huntington disease (HD) was based on analysis of linked polymorphic DNA markers to estimate the likelihood of inheriting the mutation for HD. Limits to accuracy included recombination between the DNA markers and the mutation, pedigree structure, and whether DNA samples were available from family members. With direct tests(More)
Coccidioidomycosis is a well-known infection in the southwestern United States, and its occurrence is becoming more frequent in endemic areas. This disease can have a significant economic and medical impact; therefore, accurate diagnosis is crucial. In conjunction with patient symptoms, residence in or travel to an endemic area is essential for diagnosis.(More)
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