Aude Carreau

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Oxygen supply and diffusion into tissues are necessary for survival. The oxygen partial pressure (pO(2)), which is a key component of the physiological state of an organ, results from the balance between oxygen delivery and its consumption. In mammals, oxygen is transported by red blood cells circulating in a well-organized vasculature. Oxygen delivery is(More)
Tumor angiogenesis and immune response have in common to be cell recognition mechanisms, which are based on specific adhesion molecules and dependent on nitric oxide (NO(•)). The aim of the present study is to deepen the mechanisms of angiogenesis and inflammation regulation by NO(•) to find out the molecular regulation processes that govern endothelial(More)
Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) modulate postnatal vascularization and contribute to vessel regeneration in adults. Stem cells and progenitor cells were found in umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, and mobilized peripheral blood cells, from where they were isolated and cultured. However, the yield of progenitor cells is usually not sufficient for(More)
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