Aubrey Tatarowicz

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The lack of access to visual information like text labels, icons, and colors can cause frustration and decrease independence for blind people. Current access technology uses automatic approaches to address some problems in this space, but the technology is error-prone, limited in scope, and quite expensive. In this paper, we introduce <i>VizWiz</i>, a(More)
The standard way to get linear scaling in a distributed OLTP DBMS is to horizontally partition data across several nodes. Ideally, this partitioning will result in each query being executed at just one node, to avoid the overheads of distributed transactions and allow nodes to be added without increasing the amount of required coordination. For some(More)
Data volumes are exploding. It is essential to use multiple machines to store such large amounts of data. To address this explosion, storage systems like databases need to be distributed across many machines. Transactions that access a few tuples, often seen in web workloads such as Twitter, do not run optimally using traditional partitioning schemes [25].(More)
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