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Mining, handling, processing, and personal or commercial use of asbestos-contaminated vermiculite have led to widespread contamination of the Libby, Montana, area. We initiated a medical testing program in response to reports of respiratory illness in the community. The purpose of this analysis was to identify and quantify asbestos-related radiographic(More)
Five school-aged children with cerebral palsy were given an auditory feedback signal when their heads tilted past a predetermined angle. After three to seven individual sessions, all of the children were able to work in the classroom on regular school activities while using the sensory feedback to monitor and after head position. Over a period of nine(More)
Sporadic inclusion body myositis (IBM) is the most common acquired myopathy occurring in adults aged over 50 years. The aim of the study was to assess prospectively the clinical features and functional impact of sporadic inclusion body myositis (IBM). Clinical data, manual muscle testing (MMT), quantitative muscle testing (QMT) of quadriceps muscle and IBM(More)
  • A Miller
  • 1975
Pulmonary function was assessed by spirometry and maximum expiratory flow-volume curves to determine whether exposure to an occupational environment contaminated with vinyl chloride (VC) fumes and poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) dust is associated with an increased risk of respiratory impairment. Data were analyzed for smoking, duration of exposure, and age. The(More)
BACKGROUND The 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster led to the largest ever marine oil spill. Individuals who worked on the spill were exposed to toxicants and stressors that could lead to adverse effects. OBJECTIVES The GuLF STUDY was designed to investigate relationships between oil spill exposures and multiple potential physical and mental health effects.(More)
  • A Miller
  • 1975
Simple tests based on a voluntary forced expiration can detect pulmonary impairment of occupational or environmental origin earlier than can be done using clinical or radiographic examination. These tests are easily performed and repeated, require little time and can be readily set up in the field. Flow impairment ("obstructive") has conventionally been(More)
Asbestos-related diseases continue to result in approximately 120,000 deaths every year in the United States and worldwide. Although extensive research has been conducted on health effects of occupational exposures to asbestos, many issues related to environmental asbestos exposures remain unresolved. For example, environmental asbestos exposures associated(More)
The need for high quality and timely disaster research has been a topic of great discussion over the past several years. Recent high profile incidents have exposed gaps in knowledge about the health impacts of disasters or the benefits of specific interventions-such was the case with the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill and recent events associated with(More)
for their roles in the review and oversight of the GuLF STUDY. The comments they made during the review process were incorporated into the study protocol and consent documents and played an important role in ensuring ethical and regulatory oversight of the study. The authors regret this omission.